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Unconditional love

September 6, 2014

Its been nearly a year since the Exploring Nature play project with Play England came to an end, and yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with Good from Woods and Naomi who had done the research for me at Fort Apache and been my friend, colleague and adventurer during the length of the project. Whilst listening to Alice and Naomi talk so enthusiastically about both the research and the wider project, I must admit I was heartened at the fact that we had helped yet more play lightbulb moments. The passion that both demonstrated for free play outdoors and in the woods was inspiring … They are looking for more opportunities to share the research and to develop more research that will promote the importance of play in its own right, as an integral part of so many things that happen out there in the lives of children and young people.
We talked at length about Exploring Nature Play project and the amazing people who had been involved from across England and where they are now and what they are doing, we talked about Fort Apache. It was at that point that Alice said something which for me totally summed up my experiences of the place, the children and the playworkers there, also the community that surrounds it, and people who touch it .. And that was Its unconditional love .. The love that is given and received when you are part of it is just like a parents love for their children and a child’s love in return .. The mornings the team arrived to find it different to when they were there last and how they dealt with it, the child who arrived not in the best of places, things that happen during the session .. All received that love .. The unconditional kind ….the playworker kind….

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  1. Hia Jane. Great blog about interesting time and such memories. and of course Sylvan Adventures came out of it. 2015 is looking very good for 2015, as I have been accepted onto a social enterprise course at Dartington

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